Cove Watersports Wakeboard School - Vancouver, BC.


Kids Jump Start

Jump start on Air Nautique - $130.98

Jump start on Mastercraft $157.18


This program is the best way to get your youngsters on the water early. CW has designed this program to make sure that your kid's first experience behind a boat is Fun, Safe and most importantly Successful so they will grow to love all towed watersports. This program is a little different than any other as we have 2 coaches, 1 to drive and the other to be 1 on 1 in and out of the water. Our coach will make sure that your child is safe and enjoying themselves at all times by being by their side in the water. Even when up and riding, our coach will be riding right there beside them. This is the safest, most successful and coolest way to learn how to wakeboard or waterski.

This program was designed by the founder as he uses this technique with all his nieces and nephews and will use it on his own daughter in a couple years. All prices include GST.

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