Cove Watersports Wakeboard School - Vancouver, BC.


Your Boat our Coach - $65

Have you recently purchased a new boat and need to know all the ins and outs? Do you want to learn how to drive for a wake surfer, slalom skier or a wakeboarder? Do you have little kids that are learning to wakeboard or waterski for the first time or do you want to learn the latest trick for next competition?

Let your favourite coach from Cove Watersports help you on your own boat. We will provide all the gear needed for your time on the water, from ropes and handles to wakeboards, surfs and wetsuits. Bring as many people as you like and our coaches will ensure you've learned everything you can.

Additional training:
Boat Launching
Parking your boat
Specific features of tournament boats
How to weight a boat properly with Ballast tanks, internal and external
Speed settings for different sports
Tips and tricks while driving for beginners
Proper technique for driving all watersports

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